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The Conference Schedule is updated here regularly.  The conference consists of panel keynote sessions open to all participants.  To deepen the engagement of participants with the keynote presentations, a town hall session is arranged every day where interested participants can further discuss themes from the keynote with the keynote speakers.  Workshops, Conversation sessions and oral presentations will be held concurrently and participants can choose which sessions to attend based on intertest. Workshops are likely to hold not more than 30 participants and will be restricted on a first come basis.  

There are specialized tracks embedded within the conference to facilitate deeper conversation around research and practice in specializations. 

The ISPRESC Track is meant for persons who have attended the ISPREC policy briefs workshop in the 3rd of January to develop policy briefs that inform school based counselling.

The Neuropsychology track is open to researchers and Practitioners who have an interest to engage in scientific discussions around the application of neuropsychology and wellness.

The Psycho-oncology track  explores research and practice issues in the interface of cancer  and health behaviors. 

The post conference workshop on mental  health of adolescents is specially curated for higher education faculty, students and counsellors to explore interventions that can make campuses emotionally sensitive and caring.

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